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The world of telecommunications in Cameroon has enriched ago shortly of a new operator: Nextell. Since the arrival ofthe latter, other existing operators have stopped watering the media of a new term: The 3G. There is also talk of passage of the dial 8 and 9 digits by November 21, 2014. Let's visit, understand and assimilate all these innovations. 3G is a mobile telephony technology. Its very name indicates that it is the 3rd generation technology mobile. The second generation, born in the early 1990s, was based on the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) ...

3G tutorial What is directed by MBOASOFTWARES Consulting

A job interview in an international organization for the post office secretary. During races practices, the examiner asked to do certain operations on the text without using the mouse, it came to select, copy, cut, paste, move from one window to another ofbrowser, etc ... without using the mouse. Six candidate (s) have been eliminated (s) after a few minutes to think ... Here is a non exhaustive overview of some keyboard shortcuts that let you in a jiffy to operations that take you more time using your mouse

never without my mouse tutorial

You know the VLC Media Player ... It is the lightest multimedia player on the market! often we use software or applications without actually knowing their powers, and very often we do know that the basic functionality of the software. Thus many of us use VLC Media Player just to play video and / or audio file, this player not only allows play media files, listen to the radio, convert videos to any extension, the famous player also allows for many other things: play streaming movies, capture still images, make zoom in real time etc ...

In this tutorial you'll find some features that most users do not know. Allons-y !

VLC Media Player tutorial

Since April 8, 2014, technical support for Windows XP is no longer available and also Microsoft stopped to provide updates through the Windows Update program. You want to change the OS (Operating System)? You prefer to keep XP? Here are some tips to always have a reliable and powerful machine.

Launched in late 2001, Windows XP is imposed as the Windows operating system the most stable. Since its launch, Microsoft has established a support policy based on comments from customers to arrange to install updates and patches in order to enhance the experience computer and fix bugs. Since April 8, 2014 Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 Support is more assured. Faced with this situation do?

tutorial stay in XP

We often install applications in our machines at a frantic pace, so that after, we are left with lots of applications that we do not use or hardly any. Worse, those applications that no longer serve us nothing, continue to use the resources of our machine, often resulting in slow down our machine.

To overcome this problem, we need to uninstall these applications, you can choose between two methods of uninstalling: either by a manual uninstall wizard with Windows ... [read more ...]

tutoriel uninstall a program directed by MBOASOFTWARES Consulting

The automatic backup tools are a little more difficult to set up, but then you do not have to do anything. You will save time in final. Windows 8.1 includes a great tool to automatically back up personal files. This tool backup regularly versions of your personal files that are found in found in the Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos and your computer desktop all with a classification of backups versions of your documents. At any time, so you can always restore the version you even if multiple backups have been made. This tutorial gives you the steps for automatic backup.

Tutorial start a backup performed by MBOASOFTWARES Consulting

Whether on television, on billboards, it is common to see a symbol followed by a name the example of MTN, ORANGE, CRTV and others. The question facing us is to why this symbol? A brief history, the importance of a logo these days, characteristics of a good logo and finally a small practical example will better us grasp the scope.

The logo as we have just emphasized above, is the vehicle of an identity, a thought, a suction. Firstly there are logos represented by symbols. Let's take an example: Nike brand can mean simplicity, speed.

tutorial logotype

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