Our Team

MBOASOFTWARES Consulting is a professional IT team, trainers and specialists in administration and management, specializing in the popularization of the use of IT tools, software development, mobile application development, website design, cloud computing, incubation and introduction to the entrepreneurial spirit for individuals and businesses.

Ariel Nathan ADA MBITA


699290723 - 651452576 | ariel_nathan{a}mboasoftwares.com | facebook

training computer analyst, entrepreneur, CEO of MBOASOFTWARES Consulting . New challenges makes me grow and learn more and more. Computer enthusiast, art, design, I attach great importance to the quality, beauty and performance. Serious, and rigor are the qualities that define me best and allow me to carry out the projects entrusted to it.

Ariel Nathan ADA MBITA MBOASOFTWARES Consulting Ceo

Paul Arsène BIBOUM

Head of technology department and sales manager

675007669 - 691354594 | paul_arsene{a}mboasoftwares.com | facebook

Autodidact 80%, has a passion for the beautiful, "the visually pleasing," he likes productive challenges and considers himself a "perpetual student" . "Always satisfy the customer" is his motto and he puts a point on the issue.

Paul Arsene BIBOUM MBOASOFTWARES Consulting Sales manager and CTO

Brice Marcel NYAMOUTET

Head of the analysis direction

670230174 - 699578078 | marcel_brice{a}mboasoftwares.com | facebook

IT professional for fifteen years data analysis, design, implementation, maintenance and improvement of information systems. Customer satisfaction is my motto. Technology evolves dynamically, I consider myself a perpetual learner. Know, want, dare take, share, as are my principles.


Marie Roland Joël ALIMA

Head of Electronics Department

+33 0652975326 | alima_roland{a}mboasoftwares.com | facebook

Manager and visionary, PhD student in third year at the laboratory Electronics Computers and Image (LE2I) in the field of processing and nonlinear transmission of information. I am passionate about electronics and computing. I am constantly working on improving electronic systems for the reliable transmission of information.

Alima Roland Head of Electronics Department

Casimir Emmanuel ABADA

international development specialist and business creation

656774151 - 676018676 | emmanuel_abada{a}mboasoftwares.com | facebook

Consultant, manager of programs and projects, and Advisor of Business Development. Passionate about entrepreneurship, creativity, personal initiative, innovation and self-employment. He has a vision of development and emergence through entrepreneurship.

international development specialist and business creation